Film Review: Sherlock Jr.

I’m slightly ashamed Sherlock Jr. is the first Buster Keaton film I’ve ever seen. Prior to watching this technical gem, I knew more about Buster Douglas than the silent film genius Buster Keaton; Sherlock Jr. caught me off guard. I was unexpectedly baffled with how it was accomplished, and I found myself sitting closer to the television in attempt to pick out the cut in film that made a special-effect possible. This created an dilemma as I was far more interested in how the film was made than the story being told. The latter half of the film was done in a dream sequence allowing Keaton to play around with some effects that were fun to watch, but added little to the story. There were its fair share of gags and shticks, but even at a limited 45 minutes I found the plot to be disjointed and uninteresting. The film felt more like a tech demo for Keaton’s directing and stunt ability than as a complete story. An aspiring detective, the story revolves around Keaton as a projectionist that strives to be more. Low on cash and high on ambitions, Sherlock scrounges up enough money to buy his sweetheart something nice. […]